Give the Gift of Bitcoin Mining This Season

If you want to give a gift that is both a useful, educational, and benefits society, why not give someone Bitcoin mining as a gift? Here’s the idea.

CEX.IO, and I’ve written a couple of articles about them earlier (and links in this article are affiliate links; check the end for direct links), have the ability to generate vouchers that you, or someone else, can redeem for cloud mining power at CEX.IO. You buy the hashes for your own account and then create the voucher to give away some or all of that mining power to someone. Those that receive it can simply register and redeem the hash power and start watching their Bitcoin income grow.

I think this would be an awesome gift to someone who is interested in learning about mining and Bitcoin and are some reasons why.

Bitcoins are often difficult to get

One major obstacle to wide-spread Bitcoin adoption is that right now, getting traditional currencies into the system is a major hassle. By giving mining as a gift to someone, they get Bitcoins without the hassle and risk of sending money through wire transfers or buying in person.

Learning about mining is fun and exciting

For a lot of people, Bitcoin mining seems almost magical. However, it can be fun and exciting to follow and learning how it works is a great first step towards gaining a better understanding of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining at CEX.IO is redeemable instantly

Mining can be an exciting and educational, but some may not want to keep doing it for any number of reasons. That’s fine, at CEX.IO they can sell their cloud mining power any time they want and withdraw the Bitcoin to a normal account.

Investing in Bitcoin mining can be risky

Buying a Bitcoin miner means a lot of maintenance, electricity cost, and the risk of hardware failure. Of course, there’s also the risk that the miner won’t work at all or that the vendor doesn’t deliver or simply runs away with your money.

With CEX.IO, there’s little risk of hardware failure because CEX.IO is responsible for keeping the miners operational and replaces faulty hardware for free. They also take care of electricity and setup for you.

Getting a miner takes time

Buying a Bitcoin miner yourself will at best take a long time because miners are usually sold out way in advance of general availability. By the time you get your hardware, difficulty may have shot through the roof. Additionally, almost every vendor has been delayed with deliveries.

CEX.IO allows you to get Bitcoin mining power immediately; you can buy now and have your mining power start generating Bitcoin in a matter of minutes.

Physical Bitcoin miners are expensive

Getting a Bitcoin miner can often mean investing thousands of dollars. That’s a huge amount of money to give as a gift. Of course, you can’t just give parts of one either.

However, CEX.IO allows you to buy Bitcoin mining power for exactly the amount you want, whether it is $100, $1000, $1, or even $0.10 worth of hashing.

Note: You do pay in Bitcoin, though, so perhaps it is better to say 0.1, 1, 0.01, or 0.001 BTC.

Now that prices of Bitcoin has fallen, at least at the time of this writing, buying a few GHs of Bitcoin mining power isn’t half bad anymore, and it would make a great gift to introduce someone to the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

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2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of Bitcoin Mining This Season

  1. You are better off mining altcoins IMO. I am currently mining some different SHA-256 based coins over at [some redacted pool]. Making more then I would if I was still trying to mine Bitcoin.

    1. No, you’re not. There was nobody mining SHA at that pool when you posted this comment. At this moment, there’s one minor GPU-class that mines Scrypt, and that’s the entire pool.

      Why do you feel the need to lie to your users? Do you think that is going to win over anyone? You’re pseudo-anonymous in a world that is fraught with deception and scams and you demonstrate your willingness to be dishonest in order to attract users.

      That’s sad. Your pool didn’t look too bad on the front. I might even have sent a few of my workers there. I don’t deal with known and proven liars, though.


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