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Hi, I’m B, or Bjørn Christoffer Aulie Thorsmæhlum Furuknap, if you’re feeling adventurous. I’ve spent most of my life in IT in one form or another, in the recent years doing SharePoint in various forms. I’ve written a number of books, I started and unsuccessfully ran a SharePoint university, and I was the editor of the second largest SharePoint site in the world, SharePoint Magazine.

In February 2013, I fell in love again (my first time was with my current wife, the second time was with SharePoint). I met Bitcoin at a party in late 2011 and was intrigued, but we didn’t really hook up until we met again in February after a mutual friend introduced us properly. This time, however, I saw the beauty of her ideas, her thoughts, and her attitude, and I fell madly in love.

To make this love story the stuff of legends, it turns out that Bitcoin has an equally beautiful sister, Litecoin, and lo’ and behold, within weeks we were happily in love and I had bought my first computer and named her Concordia solely for the purpose of getting more of Litecoin. We’re now in a committed relationship, but we’re not sure how serious we are in the long term.

I’ve decided to explore this relationship further, and this blog is the story of my adventures with these sisters. Who knows, as the dirty old man I am, perhaps I’ll bring one of the other sisters into the story too.

In any case, welcome, I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, maybe learn a little, maybe teach me a little, and don’t forget to leave comments with questions, feedback, or stories of your adventures too.

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  1. Thanks for your very informative Blog where I have learnt much about cryptocurrencies.

    Can you please advise if your book about mining is out yet and, if not, when you expect it to be available to the public.

    Thanks again

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